Friday, 27 July 2012

Something Different #5

Hi everyone, finally we get to move on to the next fold technique.  Sorry, I got side tracked with the spring fold cards and really enjoyed experimenting.

I have seen many different names for this card, but I'm going to call it the Double Squashed Diamond card - you will see why later:-)

So to start off with, I made my example using white card stock, it is a little thick, so I would recommend maybe using designers papers, which are a little thinner and will allow you to add layers to your final card.  See what you think. You do not have to use double sided papers as you will only see the one side of whatever paper you use.

First off you will need a piece of card stock (paper) cut to 11" by 11".  You are going to fold this diagonally. Make sure to fold it, if you are using pretty papers, so that the the side you want to see is on the outside of your folded triangle.

Next you are going to score this at the 3" mark, 5.5" and 10" and then flip it over just to get the other end and score at 3".  So it should be scored like this:

Now turn your triangle so that the longside is to the right and the point of the triangle to the left.  You need to score a line 3.5" in from the point.

Lets do some more folding.  Fold along all your score marks, make sure they are nice and crisp.  Now comes the part where the card got its name.  You need to take the small end triangle (please excuse my finger in the next few photos).

This is where I could probably use a video camera, to show you more clearly, hope you can see what I am doing in the photos.  Next, you are going to squash the triangle and it forms a diamond (hence the name).

Squash it so its nice and flat, I went over mine with the bone folder.

Just do the same again on the other side.  It should look like this:

You now need your scissors as you are going to cut out the tiny triangles at the top.

We are nearly there.  The next step is to stick the main folded triangle together so that it doesn't split open when you are closing it at the end, it makes it look more finished.

So I have marked, in the photo below, where you need to run your tape, notice you do not tape the left triangle at all, this is the pocket at the front to hold down the upper flap.  Remember when you fold it, to squash you diamond on the right, otherwise it will end up be a flat corner.

So once stuck together,  you need to flip your diamonds to the front of the card, it will look like this now.

And we start to fold. First the right side:

Then the left, over the right. (Are you still with me?!)

This is where your top flap goes:

And this is what you basic card will look like, hopefully :-)

If like me you didn't get your triangle exactly in half (did you notice? I bet you did)), don't worry about it, you can just trim these little bits so that they don't show.

So there you have it, phew!  That is the Double Squashed Diamond fold card.  Now all you need to do is decorate it :-)  Fun eh!

I am going to do a separate post, to show the card made up as this was a very long post - hope you made it this far.

Thanks for stopping by.

Happy crafting.


  1. Great job! Thanks for the tutorial!

  2. What an awesome tutorial!! Thanks for posting it!! I will have to give this a try :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

    1. Great Lisa - thanks, glad you think it is OK.

  3. Awesome, another amazing card. Thanks for sharing.

  4. You always come up with such unusual folded cards that are just too cool! Thanks for the great tutorial.

    1. Thanks Sheila - appreciate you stopping by:-)

  5. You have really come into your own with these pictorials. You break down the steps into meaningful actions and your pictures definitely convey the method. You really must continue and keep us all properly trained!

    1. LOL - thanks for that, I will have you all brainwashed in no time. Fold now, press now, decorate now:-)


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