Saturday, 17 November 2012

Things seem to be getting busy!

Hi all my friends - I wanted to say to you all how much I appreciate you coming to my blog and leaving such wonderful comments and constant encouragement.

I am a person that has always found it extremely hard to take compliments and always feel people just put up with me and are being nice just for being the wonderful person that they are.

Ever since I started my blog I have always replied to every comment on my blog that has been left, but I wonder how many actually ever come back and read my replies, after all, sometimes it was just a quick thank you, other times a bit of a laugh and a joke.  And you are all just as busy with your blogs and life.  For me it was a record of knowing I had read and acknowledged you all.

However, things lately are getting busy on my blog, maybe not so much as more posts, but more my time commitments (which I am thriving on by the way), and as I also visit so many of you on a day to day basis (as do you all) and leave comments on your blogs, I was wondering if you would all mind if I focused on visiting you and commenting on your blog, reading the comments I receive and if anyone has any questions I can always visit you and answer.

Does that make sense?  LOL!

I am so loving doing my blog, getting involved with all these new things.  Learning new stuff and so enjoying my crafting time and being able to share it with like minded people.  None of my friends, locally, are in to crafting, so I'm not even able to discuss things with them or even show them what I do, for fear of being laughed at mostly - but then that's just me.

So please continue visiting, and supporting me and encouraging me.  I always read every comment and will still post odd words of thanks etc and obviously visit you and leave lots of lovely comments :-)

Thank you my crafting friends.

Hugs and Happy crafting.


  1. Oh my gosh... no... It is really time consuming isn't it?? I LOVE reading posts, but it is so hard to respond to all of them.. but boy do they all make me smile and bring me joy :) So I know what you mean!!!! :) *hugs* I hope you have a wonderful day!! I'm off to hand out food to those in need soon.. taking the kids with me.

  2. Morning Karon!!!!
    Happy Saturday and thanks for always leaving me sweet comments on my blog!!
    Hope your day is GREAT!!!

  3. Hello Karon~ you are simply amazing! I love leaving and reading your comments in return... You are very talented and blogland you can meet a lot of new friends just by commenting...
    Enjoy your wonderful weekend~

  4. hi Karon, so glad you are luvn blogging, I do as well and even luv playing in challenges more...I confess I am a "challenge junkie" It is very kind of you to comment on each comment, I found you while blog hopping, luv doing that too. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

    enjoy *~*

  5. Hi Karon!!! OMYGOODNESS!!!! I can't imagine replying to every comment..HOLY MOLY!!!! I could see if one were to be just starting out but once you get blogger friends that you visit everyday, that itself would take up so much time... I visit 60 which takes about 2 hours so the only way I would reply is if someone asked a question but do they know that they have to check the "Subscribe by email" button below the comment box to get the reply....most don't. I would certainly understand and actually shocked you kept it up as long as you did, LOL , you are so kind and amazing.... I would let that part go and you will have more time to grow your bloggy list!!!! Speaking of having time, if time is on your side the next couple of days come on over and join the blog hop to win digitals!!! (you just may have time now that you are not replying!!!!) LOL

  6. Wow girl - you are wonderful for trying to comment on every comment!!! I popped over one day and you had about 40 comments on one project!!! We all understand that it takes a lot of time to comment (but we all know how comments fuel our inspiration too)!! I do the best I can to comment on other blogs and that is all we can hope to do!!!

    I love your work!! I also love your words on my blog!!! If you don't comment on each and every worries!! We still love you!!

  7. I visit you because I love your projects and not because I have to. It all takes time but I think the inspiration is worth it. As far as commenting on every comment, I didn't even know people did that till I read your blog. A very sweet thing to do but not necessary. We love you anyway.

  8. Everyone replies (or doesn't) to comments differently.
    What I do is my first commitment (if you want to call it that) is to visit everyone that visits me and leave a comment on their blog (if they have one). I figure they took their time out of their day to visit me, I love to do the same :) Everyone I visit is so talented it is a pleasure to see what they are creating.
    If I want to reply to something they have commented on, then I will reply to their comment and it will go directly to their email..if they are set up for it.
    I usually don't check on their older posts to see if they have replied to what I had said.
    I too love to blog and reading what everyone thinks about what I had made that day, or what they are up to :)
    I also have a YouTube channel and do the same with that as well.

  9. What a sweet post, Karon!! I visit because you inspire me and I love your are so creative and talented!! And thank you for always leaving me such awesome comments...I appreciate it and you so much!! I hope you are having a happy Saturday :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  10. I enjoy coming over to visit and leaving comments! It can be hard to find a good balance, and once you do something usually changes it! We all understand that! Carri~Abusybee

  11. Oh My goodness - see I'm itching to go along and replie to all these comments here, but I will contain myself and come along to your blogs and do that instead:-) Thank you all so much for these wonderful comments.

  12. You do what you need to do my friend.
    This is supposed to be a fun, relaxing hobby.
    Do what you can and leave the rest.
    I love your blog but don't always have time to comment.
    If you don't see a comment it is a time thing for me also but I am still peeking at your wonderful craftyness. TFS.

  13. I have always noticed that you do reply to your comments.I do forget to come back and read your replies.But I love popping by all the time to see your beautiful work.I think its best if you reply to their blog for sure they will read it and it is less work for you.I dont think your friends would laugh at you.Maybe you will find they love being crafty after you teach them one thing or two.Last year I found out that my best friend loves doing these kind of things when I cut her a slices of cake cuts on my cricut and left for her to assemble for Thanksgiving.How come I didnt know that right if she is my best friend?Well the thing is we live far from each other and I see her when she is in town visiting her family.Have a great day.

  14. Thanks D and thanks Yoshira - I really appreciate everything that has been said here in all of these wonderful comments. :-)

  15. I love to see you grow and it is a good thing that your commitments are so rewarding that you now have to focus on them. Please keep sharing your wonderful creations as that is the ray of sunshine each time that ultimately draws us back. We'd much rather you were in the studio creating!

  16. A very sweet post Karon. I'm very happy that you are enjoying what you're doing...keep it up!


  17. Thanks so much, for your continued enabling:-)

  18. I read every comment left on my blog and love each and every one and at first tried to answer on my blog as a reply until I figured out that the reply does not go to the commenter via email as I thought, and like you, I'm pretty sure they don't come back to read. So now, I only respond if they ask me a question and then I'll reply to them by email as the comments are emailed to me and I can click on their email and respond that way. So, in answer to your question, I would much rather you visit more blogs and leave comments than to try and answer or thank each comment on your blog. :) Oh and I want to say, that what I say to you is what I really think and I love your creations and what you share.
    visit my blog @ sandy's crafty creations


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