Sunday, 14 April 2013

Spring has Sprung! Well, it did!!! And then.....

Hi everyone, this is just a quick non-crafty post.  I hope that you are all having a lovely weekend.

If you live in the warmer climates - could you please please please tell it to come to Canada soon!

So on Thursday I took a photo looking out from the front window of my house.

Do you see?  Do you see?  NO SNOW!  Yay Spring is here.

Then this happened on Friday!

Do you see? Do you see?  NO GRASS!!  Spring disappeared!

We were forecast to have around 15cm snow, but instead we got ice pellets, freezing rain and then about 3cm of snow.  So, it could have been worse.

Albeit, you will be pleased to know, it is meant to rain now for several days so it will wash away this yukky stuff and hopefully I will be able to share Spring with everyone else.

I will have a post for you soon and will try and make it very Spring like :-)

Have a great Sunday everyone.

Thanks for stopping by.


Happy crafting :-)

PS...  Please send the sun North.  You can keep the geese LOL!


  1. having a happy springtime then Karon! lol!
    Kim x

  2. Hahahaha!!! Happy Spring :)
    I am sure it will be there soon!

  3. Hang in there has to come soon. I did some planting over the weekend so I hope winter has left us or else I'm in big trouble. LOL!!


  4. Blowing you sunshine - hope it peeks in really soon....

  5. Hope you get some relief soon. We have spring a couple of days then we have 40's at night. Then 2 days later it's 80.The weather is nuts all over.

  6. Spring, spring, spring! Sunshine, sunshine, sunshine!
    Spring, spring, spring! Sunshine, sunshine, sunshine!
    Spring, spring, spring! Sunshine, sunshine, sunshine!
    Spring, spring, spring! Sunshine, sunshine, sunshine!
    Hope this helps.
    Warm hugs until then

  7. Oh, I cringed looking at the second photo...I am so sorry, Karon :( How depressing. I feel guilty for the sunny, 70's day we are having. I'm using telepathy to send warmer weather your way!! Happy Sunday my friend :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  8. Oh Karon, my heart goes out to you. We were in the high 60's then fell back to 35, I was so afraid we were going to get snow but so far none. Hang in there sweetie it will soon be sunny and bright.

    Have a creative day.
    Hugs Nana
    ♥ My Crafting Channel ♥
    ♥ 2 Creative Chicks ♥

  9. I stepped outside and yelled for the hot to take a trip North. We had high 80s today. We'd love to have a little of the cold stuff (not the snow!). We'll see if anyone was listening!

  10. AW Karon, I'm sure Spring will arrive for you soon. It's taking a little while to get to everyone :) I'm so glad we are done with snow. I was getting so tired of shoveling.

  11. Thanks everyone - I'm sure that Spring is just around the corner:-)

  12. lol! You're so cute, Karon! I hope Spring reaches you soon! It's getting really lovely here in NYC. We're really embracing it. The tulips are coming up and daffodils are already in bloom. Hang in there!

  13. I am so over this snow as well.
    I have only seen a small circle of grass in our yard....then we received 6 more inches of snow last night.
    I wasn't going to go out today, because I didn't want to clean the snow off my jeep..but then hubby came home for lunch and plowed the driveway and cleaned off my jeep ;)

  14. LOL... If I responded to this post yesterday, I would have told you I'd pray on your getting our 73 degree day we had; today, however, the temps dropped back into the 40's, and it's been raining and dreary all day! God, I KNOW -- it's time for a break! LOL!

    Hugs, my friend and wishing with you for better weather!

  15. Oh no! It's just wrong to have snow in April! Would you believe here in Texas we've had temps over 90 degree F. !!! Wow. We only wanted spring, NOT Summer!!

    visit my blog @ sandy's crafty creations

  16. I will soo trade you.. we need the moisture!


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