Saturday, 19 October 2013

A Little Update :-)

Hi everyone!  How are you all out there?

I thought I would share a little update for you today.

So, on Wednesday I was dew to fly to Winnipeg to be there with Andy, whilst he went in for surgery to have a kidney stone removed.

Early hours of Wednesday morning, Andy lets me know that he thinks he may have passed the stone and that I may not need to go to Winnipeg.  Everything was up in the air, until he had chance to speak to his Dr (who was in a meeting all morning).  We were deciding whether or not to cancel the trip, and only incur an admin fee by the airline and it was left until the last minute.  My flight was due to go at 2.30pm.  Andy had mentioned to me that he had some discomfort in his left kidney (his right kidney is what the surgery is for) and I said to him that maybe the stones he passed, were the small ones from this kidney.

Finally spoke to his Dr at 12.30pm and his Dr was convinced that it was the smaller stones from the left and that he still had to go in for surgery the next day!

It then became a mad rush, as although I was all packed, I had to let the girls know that I was definitely going to Winnipeg, I had given them hugs in the morning before school just in case:-)  I then had my friend take me to the airport.

Now, I really am not a great traveller and it is only a 2 1/2 hour flight.  I fared pretty well and was feeling quite pleased with myself that the journey went well.  As the aircraft taxied to a stop and I had taken off my seat belt - I thought oh no here goes - chills, hot flush, grab a bag and promptly threw up :-(

Andy was there at the airport to meet me, and I was so relieved to get into his apartment.

Thursday, we headed to the hospital bright and early.  His surgery was scheduled for 11.30am.  Now at this stage we still didn't really know if the stone had been passed or if it really was still in there.

I have to say that the Winnipeg Hospital is fabulous, well organised and once we had Andy admitted and all the prep done we took him down for surgery and I had to start playing the waiting game.

We were told the surgery would be about an hour, so at 12.45pm I rang the recovery unit to see if he was out, and was told that it was a 2 hour surgery and that he went in on time so no he wasn't out yet :-(  I hate waiting!

Eventually, the surgery was over.  Andy's Dr came out and told me they had removed the offending stone - yep it was still in there and rather large.  They got it all, so a success.

Andy spent some time in recovery and then up to the day ward.  After several hours of drips/antibiotics and painkillers he was eventually released and we got back to the apartment at about 8.30pm.  A very long day but at least the stone was out.

We had some leaflets and instructions to follow once leaving the hospital.  The leaflet all about the procedure, a ureteroscopy, had this fab picture on the front of a woman, a man leading a tethered horse. When I asked the nurse, what the significance of the picture was, she didn't have a clue.  Andy promptly chirped up with, perhaps it's because you feel like you have been trampled on by a horse after the surgery! LOL!

We had a gourmet meal of beans on toast  for supper, as we both really didn't feel like much to eat at that time of night.

Suffice to say, Andy is relieved that it is all done and now we can get on with recovery.

Today, he is resting easy here.  We went out for a couple of short walks yesterday, and he is regularly taking the pain killers which are working :-)

I was originally meant to be going back home today, but we have made the decision that I will now stay until Monday.  The girls have been stars and enjoying the time at my friends.

I have the flight back on Monday to look forward to, however I think I will be double dosing on the extra strength Gravol travel pills and hopefully have a more successful air travel.  Am looking forward to seeing the girls and being back on terra firma.

I hope you have all had a fabulous week and having a great weekend.

Catch up with you all around blog land - your creations are awesome.  Welcome to new followers and thanks to all my regulars for your words of support for Andy.

Thanks for stopping by today.

Happy crafting.


  1. Wow...that's quite an ordeal. Rest up --both of you! And safe travels when you return home. Take care!!

  2. Oh my Karon - looks like it was a bit traumatizing for you on the flight.. But I'm glad all is well with you and hubby and the surgery was a success.. Did they give him his kidney stones in a jar to keep, LOL!
    When my hubby did his surgery in 2010, it was a bit scary for him, he had to do two surgery's within two weeks, the surgeon who opened up his passage way to get the scope in snipped a blood vessell that made him bleed. He had to heal from that and re-do that surgery. He spent almost 3 weeks in the hospital and said he would never want to go through doing another kidney stone surgery ever again. For him, it was too painful, but a big relief when he was all healed up. Just wanted to share this with you. Have a safe journey back and you will be okay, keep your mind focused in seeing the girls when you get and back into your craft room.... LOL!

  3. Glad everything went well Karon. I sympathise, I hate flying too especially the landing xx

  4. Glad to know the surgery went well. What a relief, eh?! Enjoy your cosy weekend together and have a safe (and uneventful) flight home!

  5. Glad it all went well, try and have a relaxing day tomorrow
    Enfys x

  6. So happy to hear the surgery went well and Andy is on the road to recovery!!!
    So sorry about your flight and sure hope the flight back goes better!!!
    Thanks for the update and enjoy the rest of the weekend with your hubs!

  7. Wow -what an adventure! So happy to hear that all is well with your hubby. My hubby has to deal with motion sickness so I can relate to how badly you must have felt on your flight. Hope your meds work better for you on the return flight. Enjoy the rest of your time with your hubby and relax a bit. Safe travels home my friend!

  8. Glad to hear everything went well with Andy's surgery but sorry to hear your trip was so stressful. I used to get travel sickness all the time but I now take a ativan before the flight and sleep like a baby. LOL! Enjoy your stay in Winnipeg and good luck with your flight home.

  9. So Happy to hear the surgery went well! I'll be thinking of you on the trip home.....don't forget the motion sickness tablets, good luck. I love flying.....I get butterflies in my stomach when I am near an airport! But don't put me on a boat, thats when I need some meds...LOL!

  10. Glad Andy is doing so well and hope your trip home goes smooth!

  11. So glad the surgery was a success. Safe trip home.

  12. Glad everything went well for you and your family. Blessings on your trip back home.

  13. I am so glad he is doing better! Those stones are no fun. Please have a safe flight home my friend and give Andy my well wishes.
    My hubs had 4 surgeries to remove 3 stones last year. (9mm, 2- 6mm in size) the first surgery was to place a stint since the 9mm one was stuck trying to make its escape. Being the one who is waiting is VERY stressful.
    You are in my thoughts and prayers my friend.

  14. I am so glad that the surgery went well and Andy is recuperating!! I'm sorry your trip there was stressful. Praying for a safe and easy trip home my friend!! Thinking of you!! Hugs :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  15. So glad everything came out well for Andy's surgery. My husband has issues with kidney stones as well. Hoping you have a safe flight home, I hate to fly! I have to admit, I don't think I've ever flown sober and I don't really drink lol!!! Take care my friend!

  16. I am so happy to see an update, Karon! Lots of love and hugs to you and Andy. I'm glad the surgery is over and went well, but of course am sorry your traveling wasn't the easiest. I pray the return trip home is better for you, my friend! Thinking of you both tonight!

    Hugs and blessings!

  17. I am so happy everything went well with Andy. Be safe coming home and am wishing Andy a continued speedy recovery. You get some rest, too. You deserve it!

  18. So happy to hear Andy is improving. He'll just get better and better.

    I so feel you on the travel sickness! I have been intimately acquainted with the airline barf bag. So nice to walk out of the plane holding a bag of sick looking for a place to put it. I will wish you a smooth flight tomorrow. Don't know if they have these in Canada airports, but these work wonders for my tummy.

    They don't stop the nausea, but they take some of the edge off. The meds make me sleep and I don't like to be out of it traveling alone.

    Wishing you well and sending warm thoughts North!

  19. So glad that Andy's surgery went well.
    So sorry you had your little mishap on the plane :(
    I have never flown anywhere alone, and would probably have anxiety if I had to.
    Hope Andy has a quick recovery...get well soon :)

  20. Glad everything went well in the end.
    At least you threw up after the plane landed...otherwise it would have been a LONG flight.
    I'm a frequent traveller...sleeping does help..

  21. Gee Karon sounds like an ordeal. So sorry you got sick. Glad to hear the surgery went well. Thank God he chose to go rather than not thinking he arleady passed it. Now hope he recovers quickly. :)

  22. Hi Karon, sorry to hear (read) about Andy. My friend's husband just went through that so Andy has my heart. Take really good care of him and know we care about you all. Hoping you have a much better flight.


  23. So sorry to hear that Andy had to have surgery. Very happy that he is doing so well and that you could be there for him.

    Hugs Nana


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