Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Proud Mom and a Chat!

Hi everyone.  No not a cat (le chat), a chat or more of a ramble!  Just popping in today to say hi!     Helllooooooo!

Hope you are all having a good week so far.  So I have failed at my first goal of the year, to be posting every other day - I was on a roll and then life stepped in!

Had a great weekend with Andy being home - always sorry to see him leave though :-(

Anyhows, I have a few little snippets to share with you.  Nothing serious, just some minor health issues in that my B12 and Iron levels are quite low!  Well that would explain why I feel so tired all the time and need those afternoon Granny naps LOL!  So a bit of change in diet is in order and also some more bloomin' vits to take :-)  Also taking some stuff for my estrogen levels, to hopefully improve my anxiety issues and sleep and yadda yadda yadda - oh the joys of getting older!  And I sure do rattle these days.

Also, I had to go have my boobs squished - ouch! - on Monday.  Who knew our boobs could be squished so flat.  I have to go back for an ultrasound next week - don't think it's anything to worry about, I found out I was supposed to have a follow-up within a year of my last one.  Well that was in 2009! Paperwork seemed to have gone astray on that one!  Am I rambling too much?!  We're friends aren't we?  And that's what friends are for - to ramble at :-)

On a lighter note, last night we had an award ceremony to attend at the Ottawa Cancer Society. Shannon, was being presented with an appreciation award, along with several of her peers.  She is in her school Youth Troop and they organise fundraisers and awareness campaigns for the Cancer Society.  This past year they were instrumental in getting a Bill 30 passed in Ontario that bans all under 18 year olds from using tanning beds!  Here's Shannon!

And the award :-)

So proud of her.  She has a day off today, as she is finishing her Semester exams and her last one is tomorrow her French Oral exam.

I hope to have some things to share in the next few days.

Thanks for stopping by today.

Happy crafting.


  1. Hallo Karon, so glad to hear you had a good weekend. Please take care of yourself, I hope your Iron and estrogen levels will receive their acceptable levels soon. When things get so busy in ones life you quickly neglecting yourself. All of the best with the ultra sound. Have a wonderful week. Anet

  2. Take care of yourself...and congrats to your daughter! Well done!

  3. Nice to hear from you Karon...yup, age doesn't come alone!! Congratulations to Shannon on her award and well deserved too, I do wish the dangers of sun bed usage were made clear all over the world. Take Care xx

  4. Super HUGE congrats to your daughter!!! That is awesome news and I am sure you are one proud mamma!!!!
    Take care of yourself!!! Thanks for the update too!!
    Enjoy the rest of your week!!

  5. this is awesome I would shout it out too. happy wishes too you. hugs

  6. Yeh Shannon way to go girl! Congrats mom Karon... so well deserved.
    Oh it must be a bit relief having hubby & daddy home while it last, that should be precious moments and seconds for you and the girls to enjoy.... Glad to hear all is okay!

  7. Congrats to Shannon who so clearly deserves the honor! You must be one proud mama! I am sorry to hear about your health troubles. It's tough getting old (just ask me!). Here's to hoping those vits have some magical crafty properties (I've heard that they do!).

  8. I've struggled with being exhausted and taken the extra Iron and B12 I needed. It helped me a great deal, so I hope taking those does good things for you as well. Congrats to your daughter! It must be great to see her be able to make a real difference :)

    Best crafty wishes!
    Staying Crafty

  9. Way to go Shannon. Karon take care of yourself.
    Donna K U

  10. Gratulier dir ganz herzlich
    glg Gertrude

  11. Congrats to your daughter. Glad you had a great time with hubby. Keeping you in my prayers.

  12. Congratulations to Shannon!! What a beautiful picture!! I take 20 vitamins a day - no joking. My mom has been into vitamins since I was young, so I've taken them most of my life. I hope they help you. I'm glad you got to spend time with Andy!! Have a great day :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  13. Awesome! Congrats to Shannon and please take care of yourself which it sounds like you are! :)

  14. Aww, proud mom indeed! Congratulations to Shannon on this fantastic recognition! I'm glad you had a lovely time with Andy and I'm sending you lots of prayers to keep feeling stronger and healthier each day! Have a wonderful day, Karon! :o)

    Hugs and blessings!

  15. No wonder you're so proud of Shannon. What a wonderful organization she's involved in. She's a very special girl. I hope a change on diet helps with the vitamins. I think dark leafy greens are blood builders. Take care of yourself.

  16. Ramble on sweet friend - it always seems to help me to just get things off my chest! Hope you get all the vitamin and iron issues straightened out. I have to go back for more blood test because my iron levels are too HIGH. I had the boobies flattened a couple of months ago and now I think my knee is going out on me....getting older is certainly not for sissies, is it?!
    Congrats to your daughter - what a great cause! I think those tanning beds are a dangerous thing. Hang in there and "ramble on" when ever you feel the need - hugs and warm thoughts to you ♥

  17. Congrats to your daughter. I would be so proud as well.
    My iron has always been very low…like not on the chart low. always tired and some hair loss….oh joy;)
    Hope you start getting your energy back.

  18. First off... Congrats to Shannon and to you for raising such a sweetie.
    Next ramble away...
    If I rambled on about what ails me you'd think I was a 95 year old or something.
    With age comes those issues and here is just a few of mine:
    knees {when I was 30 the doc said the insides looked like those of a 60 yr old}{I'm 50+ now you can do the math on that one. lol}
    tummy {lactose intolerant, irritable bowel, acid reflux}{that doc said I was a gastro doctors dream}
    my weight {won't even go there. lol}
    boobies {have had the joy of yearly squishing torture since my Momma died for breast cancer when I was 30}{I've had to go back for ultrasound double checks and all is well}
    So friend feel free to ramble.
    We of a certain age totally understand and feel your pain.
    Let me know if you need to talk. {email me friend anytime!!!}
    Hugs to you,

  19. Glad to hear you had a good weekend. And congrats to Shannon! Bright future ahead, that's for sure! for the rest, it's on Facebook! LOL!
    xxx xxx Asha - Sunny Summer Crafts

  20. Karon, please take care of yourself and be well! A little more meat should help!

    What a fabulous achievement for your daughter! Congrats! It's good to know there are others looking out for you where you may fall short!

    Have a great day!

  21. Oh, I don't envy you that boob squooshing thing. I had that done once and said never again. Honestly, they should come up with a better method. A man would never tolerate such torture.
    You must be so proud of your daughter. She has accomplished something very significant that might possibly save lives.
    Ramble anytime, Sweetie.

  22. First off big congratulations to Shannon, very awesome!!! OMG! the boobs being squeezed "OUCH" it sure sounds painful:) Ditto Teresa's comment about being another way. I'm glad to hear you had Andy home. It sure does feel good to talk about this things so feel free to chat with us anytime.

  23. Here I am on the other side of the world.....can't believe we've had very similar weeks. I can so relate to getting old. I've had ultra sounds and a few other things this past week too. 'Hate it' Anyway... A big congratulations to your daughter, I'm sure you are very proud!

  24. You take care of yourself. I'm sure all your levels will balance out soon. I do not envy you having your boobs smashed. Better you than me. LOL Congrats to Shannon.
    Have a creative day.
    Hugs Nana
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    ♥ Silhouette Challenges ♥


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