Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Day 7 - Alllll Abbboard! :-)

Hi my fabulous friends.  I hope you had a great weekend and ready for the week ahead.

Yesterday was more of a laid back day, in some ways, and we went to Golden Spike National Historic Site. It is where the Atlantic and Pacific Railways met!

Still have a few photo's to share, if your interested :-)

These are not the orginal trains, but they have had them since the 1970's and have been well maintained.

The Jupiter for the Central Pacific Railways.

The #119 for the Union Pacific Railways.

It was extremely hot there though and as we arrived mid afternoon, it worked well.  We got to see the train being started up and put away for the night.

This is the Chinese arch was a memorial to all the Chinese who helped build the transcontinental railroad.

Thought I wasn't going to find faces - so found this one in a tour guide :-)

Ah ha, on the East tour drive, we found two :-)

A monsters face coming out of the ground.

I thought this one looked a little frog like :-)

This is The Great Salt Lake.

And still managed to find some pretty wild flowers.

Then off to our hotel for the night and supper.  We stayed in Layton, Utah, about 20 miles north of Salt Lake City.

Today we have the longest journey yet!!  We are off to Vallejo, California for our overnight stay.

Travelling across the Cascade Mountains.

There may not be much to share with you from this Day 8, as it is a 10 1/2 hr drive.  If you add stops for lunch etc more like 12 hours and our aim is to get there before nightfall!

Tally of miles 302 yesterday.  Total now stands at 2254 miles end of day 7.

I will hopefully have a few little bits to share with you though :-)

Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Great looking train Karon thanks for sharing the wonderful photos. Have a blessed day
    DIANA L.
    http://dianamlarson.blogspot.com http://dianamlarson.ctmh.com

  2. gorgeous photos Karon - sounds like you're having a fabulous time! (and such an impressive mileage tally!)
    Kim x

  3. Hallo Karon, looks like you having a wonderful holiday. Thank you for sharing all your photo's I find it so interesting and looking forward to the next. Have a safe trip and enjoy your holiday with your family. Anet x

  4. Love those trains! And twelve hours is a LONG drive that's for sure! Be safe and enjoy!

  5. Great photo's and faces. Be safe on your long journey to Cali!

  6. Those trains are awesome!! How fun you got to see them started up and moving!! More gorgeous pics!! Love the monster face coming out of the ground!! Safe travels on your long journey to Cali!!

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  7. Fab trains, they remind me of the ones in The Lone Ranger!! Can't believe it's day 7 already!! Keep 'em coming!! xx

  8. Love all the pics and I'm enjoying the hunt for faces as much as you are! :)

    Em x
    Creative Em

  9. I don't envy the long drives but I sure enjoy your photos. Fabulous trains and loving the faces.

  10. When my son was little and loved trains we had a family vacation and went to see the golden spike. It was a vacation full of trains- he loved it and thought there could be no better place to go. We had to insist on leaving :)

    So wonderful to see all the sights you do. I really hope you are enjoying your trip!

  11. Okay the Golden Spike reminded me of wonderful road trips with my husband's grandparents. It is an interesting place to visit.
    AND when we visit Utah we stay in LAYTON with relatives!!! lol. Now I really feel like I'm along for the ride. lol. Thanks so much for sharing.
    Crafty hugs,


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