Thursday, 28 July 2016

Hello Thursday - Time Out :-)

Hi everyone. I hope you are all well.

Shannon and I had a fabulous time in the UK and was so good catching up with family and friends.

I am stopping in today with a short post to tell you that I am taking a little break from my blog and crafting.

Shannon leaves for college in just 5 weeks and we are trying to get organised with getting all the things she needs to take with her and putting everything together ready for when she leaves.

We are also spending more quality time together and I therefore will not be in the craft room.

She is getting really excited about going now and starting her dream. I am a little apprehensive for her but know she will do us proud.

My craft room will definitely be calling come September, when Shannon has gone, and it will keep be busy whilst I get used to having one less daughter around the house :-)

She has started her own blog Training Tails of a Veterinary Technician.  Do you like the pun? :-)

It will be all about her dealing with moving away from home, her studies and a little bit in between - what a way for me to be able to keep an eye on up with her ;-)

So for now, I will wish that you all have a fabulous summer or what ever season you maybe in the midst of.

Back in September my friends.

Happy crafting.


  1. I'm glad you had a wonderful trip my friend!! Enjoy your time with your daughter!! Have a wonderful summer!! Make lots of memories!! You'll be missed while you are away!! Big hugs :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  2. Great to hear from you, Karon! Have a great summer, my friend.
    Em xxx

  3. Enjoy your time with Shannon as you before prepare for a new chapter in your lives. hugs, Teresa

  4. Have a great summer and enjoy this precious time with the little birdie who is trying out her wings. :)

  5. Glad you both had a wonderful holiday and enjoy your time with Shannon x

  6. I'm so Happy to hear you two had a wonderful time! I totally understand the need to spend this time with her as I've gone thru it twice already with my boys and still have 1 at home..... She will do AMAZING things.. but she will still need you too.... :) BIG HUGS to you and your Family! See you in September!!! :)

    Theresa’s Crafty Creations

  7. I'm so happy you had a wonderful trip, Karon! Enjoy every moment of this summer... the memories will be treasured always. Her future is bright. Take care and immerse yourself in the sweet love of your family. :o)

    Hugs and blessings,

  8. Hi, Karon! So glad you had a fabulous trip. You've created wonderful memories to share with Shannon. Now is the hard part, preparing for her to leave. Being so busy helps. Then in September you will both be so busy that time will pass quickly. Before you know it she will be home for holidays, etc. What great homecomings you will be able to plan. Blessings to all of you.

  9. As sad as I will be to miss my weekly "Karon" boosters, we all need time to focus on other things from time to time. We'll hope you return to crafting refreshed and renewed. See you in September!

  10. Have a wonderful break! It's a special time for sure and you need to spend it with her before she goes off to college! See you in September! :)

  11. I hope you have a wonderful time Karon. Best wishes to your daughter and I look forward to catching up when you return.

  12. Good luck to Shannon. See you next month, Karon!

  13. Best Wishes to your daughter Karen.....spending quality time together is really special! See you in September :)

  14. hope you are having a great time Karon


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