Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Winterlude 2013

Hi everyone.  No craft today, but I thought I would share some life photos.  Andy took the girls to the Winterlude Festival on the weekend to spend some fun time with them, whilst he was home.

This is my two girls, Emily and Shannon, standing in front of one of the Snow sculptures - will you look at all the detail!

Here they are at the top of the ice slides and then on their way down.

And whheeeeeeee!!  They seem to be enjoying the ride :-)

Emily decided to have a go on the assault course - get me down, get me down LOL!

Emily pushing Shannon on one of the snow sleds.

Shannon learning to drive - nooooooooo!!!

They really enjoyed their great day with Daddy.  The festival is on over the next two weeks, so I might take them again to see the ice sculptures.

I hope you didn't mind me showing you a few pictures.

Have a great day everyone.


  1. I wonder why we love snow when we are kids but learn to hate it as we get older. Great photos, obviously they had a good time. My DH away just now :-) Hugs P x

  2. Oh my gosh! How incredibly FUN!!! Your girls look like they were having a blast. I looove the idea of a fair like this. Gorgeous details in that sculpture. I hope you post more pictures if you go back. Too, too cool! :)

  3. Oh my look so brrrrrrrr over there? Glad everyone has some quality time together.....

  4. Oh Karon, I am so delighted to see pictures of your girls having such a blast!!! The sculpture is fantastic and the iceslide is amazing.. Michael would just love to be at a place like this!!! Thanks for sharing your wonderful adventure and I am so happy you all got to spend time with hubby/daddy!!!! Hugs

  5. These bring back fond memories of my youth in Minnesota. We didn't go to the cities much to participate in this kind of festival, but snow fun was all there was to do. I'm so glad you shared these pictures. It is wonderful to see these girls we hear about and for you to share a little of what goes on with you. P.S. It was 75 here in Arizona yesterday... no snow for us.

  6. Love the photos, Karon. Looks like they had a great time. I've never been in that kind of snow. I would probably love it if I was a kid.

  7. Looks like lots of fun but COLD! LOL The ice sculpture is awesome!
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  8. What awesome pictures!! It looks like so much fun...cold, but fun!! The snow sculpture is amazing!! Have a great day :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  9. this looks like so much fun!!! Thanks for sharing these pictures!!!

  10. Looks like a fun day, TFS!! Hope you had a wonderful day :D

  11. This looks like such a fun day.
    I am sure your girls enjoyed their day with their dad.
    That snow/ice carving is awesome.

  12. Oh Karon, I'm so happy you shared these! What a marvelous, inspiring event! It looks like so many beautiful memories were made, which is the most important part. I hope you're able to frolic over there again before it ends. :o)

    Hugs and blessings!

  13. OMG! how fun playing in the snow and thank you for sharing the photos with us Karon:) OK as for your card oh my word how beautiful and stunning is your card and those leaves look AMAZING!!! Thank you for stopping by and have a great evening:)

  14. They really did enjoy their Daddy time and had so much fun. Thanks for checking in:-)

  15. Beautiful family you have up there. :)


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