Sunday, 10 March 2013

Home made Spectrum Noir storage.

Hi everyone.  Just a quick post for today.  If you do daylight saving time - did you remember to put your clocks forward :-)

To all my bloggie friends in the UK, Happy Mother's Day.

It's March break here this week, so I am taking the girls down to the US today, for a few days, much needed, retail therapy.  Clothes shopping, treats and of course a visit to some craft stores :-)  First time going over the border, without Andy, wish me luck.

One of my bloggie friends Tracy of Tracy's Treasures, has been doing a lot of reorganizing of her craft room and she made a storage for her distress ink pads out of foam board.  Why have I never thought of using foam board before, its sturdy and so easy to work with.

I wanted to share with you, what I got up to Friday afternoon.  After spending about an hour procrastinating over what to do - this took me about an hour, max, to make.

The box (yep I cheated why make the box when I had one I could use!) is one of the Michaels photo boxes.  You know, the ones you can get like 5 for $10 when they are on sale.

Anyways, I found a large sheet of black foam board at my local dollar store.  Picked up two, but I now have a spare:-)

I cut 9 pieces of the foam board, each measuring 5" deep by 11" wide.  I had picked up some of that decorative tape in the sales, this one has little bird cages on it and I used it to edge each of the fronts of the cut board to hide the inner white core, and it makes it look nice and neat - thanks for that idea too Tracy :-)

I placed the first foam board shelf, using my hot glue gun for all the sticking, on the bottom inside edge (the bottom is the box on its side.  I did this because I wanted there to be a shelf, as such, on the first part of the box to lift it slightly for ease of accessing those bottom pens.

As you can see the shelves stick a little ways out of the box, but they are slightly shorter than the actual pens, again to make easy access of the pens.  In order to get placement of the shelves, I placed 3 or 4 pens at each end then placed hot glue on the sides of the foam board - slotted it in on top of the pens and then held the sides together to set.  It takes seconds so be quick:-)

I did that all the way up, creating 9 shelves.  Now, you can fit 17 pens on each row and there are 9 rows - get the calculator out LOL, that means this little box can hold 153 pens.  I am just shy of it being able to hold the full 168 pens that are available.  Hey I can always attach another shelf in some way, or when the time comes - get a bigger shoe box :-)   For now I am well pleased with this and I will be adding some more of the pens - hopefully 2 of the 24 sets, soon.

I am thinking that I will  make some canvas straps at some stage, so that I can make it like a carrier, for ease of taking them upstairs to the main floor, if I'm having a colouring session.

Hope you like my nifty bit of craftsmanship.

Thanks for stopping by today - we'll be out shopping till we drop tomorrow, so back soon!

Happy crafting.


  1. Fabulous idea, I have been looking for a solution!!! I have to get foam boards, never heard of them! I wish you all the luck going across the boarder without hubby and I am wishing you a super fantastic time with the girls!!! Shopping is certainly therapy and you well deserve it my friend, I will be thinking of you.. hugs

  2. What an awesome and very creative storage unit!! It looks GREAT!!!
    I so wish you were heading over the border my way....Niagara Falls has some GREAT shopping and I am only 30 minutes away....Maybe another time :)
    Have a GREAT time shopping with the girls!!!

  3. Terrific construction job. You're not called "Krafty" for nothing! TFS.

  4. Oh you guys will have a wonderful time!
    I only crossed the border alone with my daughter once when she was about 5-6.
    When we came back in the US they quized her.
    Asking if her dad knew where she was, if I was her mom, where we'd been, etc.
    The hardest part was to just be quiet and let my little one do the talking. She was and still is very quiet and shy.
    When my nephew was little he asked for french fries when they pulled up.
    The crossing person was not amused. Seriously lighten up guys. lol
    Have a safe and wonderful trip!
    D- (

    1. Hey just wanted to let you know I am now a follower with a picture and everything. lol. (always been an email follower tho. tee hee hee)
      I'm the one with the dragonflies of course.

  5. Wow, this is so creative and fabulous!! You did an awesome job, Karon!! It looks beautiful!! Have a great time shopping with the girls!! Happy Sunday :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  6. Love your CREATIVITY!!! You Rock!!!Great idea!!Have Fun shopping..LOL
    Have a Wonderful Sunday,

  7. BRAVO!!! This is organization at its best and inexpensive and personalized as well. I think it's just gorgeous in the purple box and the bird cage tape on the end is very classy. You've done a wonderful job here Karon!!!
    If you can find an old wooden cassette tape holder, they work fantastic for holding ink pads too. :)
    Have fun shopping!!!!!

  8. Oh my this looks very versatile for those pens....Love this idea!
    TFS -enjoy your wonderful trip and shop shop!

  9. Great idea, turned out beautifully. You are just to creative. Thanks for the complete instructions.

    Have a great day.
    Hugs Nana
    ♥ My Crafting Channel ♥

  10. OMG, Karon, you did a fabulous job!!! It looks and turned out beautiful!!! I might have to try one of those, I definitely could use some organization with all my coloring pens!!!

    Awesome job, my friend... and btw I could use a bit of retail therapy myself... lol!!!


  11. This is a wonderful idea and it certainly will be a lot economical to do this. Thank you for sharing.

    Karen B.

  12. What a fab idea! have fun shopping...looking forward to hearing all about it when you get back!
    hugs, Asha

  13. WOW Karon, what a great idea. You did a fantastic job too. Love the bird houses, so cute. Enjoy your shopping trip, have a blast. :)

  14. Awesome! This is such a great way to store your markers. I love that you can see the numbers easily and grab what you need...very clever!

  15. It turned out great Karon. I've been following Tracey's organizing too, she comes up with ideas. Enjoy your shopping trip!

  16. this is sooo cool! Sit back and enjoy your organization!

  17. I have been watch Tracey too you did a fabulous job on this! So thrifty looks amazing! Have fun shopping. Karen

  18. Awesome box for your pens! I love mine that hubby made for me but you are right, if you have a box that's the right size that is a great way to go. Never would have thought to use foam board for the shelves. Have a fun trip over to the USA!
    visit my blog @ sandy's crafty creations

  19. Karon, this is such a great creation!! I think you did a fabulous job and the fact that it was economical to do makes is Marvelous!!!


  20. My dear friend, this is such a marvelous homemade storage option! I need to do something with my Copics... something nicer than stashing them under my bed all willy nilly. Hehe! Your solution is perfect! Thank you for sharing it with us. I hope you have a blessed and beautiful time with the girls across the border. :o)

    Hugs and blessings!

  21. This turned out awesomely!!!!!
    Thank you for the shout out as well :)
    Great idea to use a box to save you some work, so creative :)
    We just came back from our trip...we had a blast

  22. Brilliant stoage idea Karon---I don't have many of these yet, I really need to learn to color with them, but I really do want to learn!!

  23. WOW! such a fantastic idea Karon to store your Copics:) I hope you are doing well and Happy Belated Mother's Day even though you are no long in the UK:) Have a great evening:)

  24. WOW everyone - thanks for all the fabulous comments - if it only helps one of you out with your marker storage - I'll be happy.

  25. Just wanted to tell you, I found a box and hubby cut the foam board for me. I want to cover everything in some pretty paper. Whan I am done I will post it on my blog. Thank you for this wonderful idea. Also plan to make another for my other markers.

    Karen B.

  26. Brilliant storage and so neat and tidy!!

  27. this is such a grand idea Karon!!! you did a really great job creating this, very inspirational!!
    enjoy your wed, hugs & blessings

  28. Absolutely BRILLIANT! Thank you so much for sharing this Karon.


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