Monday, 14 July 2014

Day 13 - We went to the Zoo Zoo Zoo!

Hi everyone.

Yesterday, we visited San Diego Zoo.  I have to say, it has to be one of the best zoo's I have ever visited. The cleanliness, condition of all the enclosures and animals and just the overall experience was wonderful.  I really am not one for zoo's as they are usually so ill kept, well at least the ones I have visited in the past anyways.  But I would recommend San Diego Zoo to everyone for a visit.

On the way down to the zoo, on the I5 South, I was able to take some photo's of the Pacific Ocean! Now this is a first for me.  Until today, I had never seen the Pacific Ocean and I know it's just water, but it made for a very special trip.  Here is just one, even caught some of the waves too :-)

Also, whilst driving there, we had to take this of the freeway!  How many lanes?!!  Wow.

I will just share a few of my favourite photos from the zoo.

This beautiful koala bear was just so adorable.  And they were all just cozy and asleep.  Amazing fact, did you know that the koala bear can go up to a whole year without drinking a drop of water.  Or if it does drink it would be less than 3/4 of a mug of water for that whole year!

This little meerkat, was definitely the look out.  He was up and down, who you looking at eh!

There were stunning flowers all throughout the zoo, here is just a few.  Aren't they beautiful.

This camel was being stubborn.  His keeper was trying to get him to go over for some snack, but he was like, "what, really, you expect me to come all the way over there" LOL!  

This beautiful lady was just stunning!  What a fabulous Jaguar!

Do you think this might be Sven off of Frozen :-)  Look at those magnificent horns.

And last but by no means least, this magnificent gorilla.  He is so beautiful and Andy managed to get this great photo.

We walked for hours at the zoo and finished off the day, with a nice bus tour and ice cream to finish of the day :-)

We have been so lucky this trip so far, in that we have had weather on our side all of the trip, except the little hiccup at The Grand Canyon with the cancellation of the helicopter trip.  However, Andy has rebooked another trip on our first day in Las Vegas, and first thing in the morning, so hopefully everything will be OK this time around.

I did manage to find a face, albeit a sad one :-)  Look carefully, hope you can spot it.

I really do appreciate you popping in to take a peak at our vacation and it's a good record for us too :-)

Tally of miles 206 yesterday.  Total now stands at 4046 miles at the end of Day 13!  Yep we did it, we broke 4000 miles on the way back to the hotel this evening :-)

We are off to Disney's California Adventure today.

Thanks for stopping by everyone.


  1. Morning Karon! AWESOME pictures from the zoo!! Love that you are sharing this trip with all of us!!! Gorgeous pictures and fun times that will surely be treasured by you guys always!!
    Have a GREAT Monday and thanks for sharing!

  2. Love your pictures! The zoo is one of the best. I've been on that particular stretch of the I5 many times. Now we've so many shared experiences that we feel like even closer friends!!

  3. I have been enjoying all of your wonderful photos, even if I haven't commented every day. Thanks for sharing them and, yes, I do see the face.


  4. Love all your pics. The flowers are beautiful. The ocean on either coast is on my bucket list. TFS.

  5. Fabulous photos. I'm enjoying your trip too.

  6. Wow love love your journey... looks like it was dream come true for all of you. Love the zoo, I wish we had those type of animals in our zoo unfortunately our rainforest zoo is minimize from all those huge beast. And I was amazed to see those local flowers growing their so beautifully. Wow!
    I spy a panda face on that last photo!

  7. LOVING the pix. Thanks so much to all of you for sharing your vacation with us :)

    Em x
    Creative Em

  8. What gorgeous pictures of the animals!! They are so beautiful!! The flowers are, too!! And the ocean...I so wish I was there right now :) I do see the sad face!! Safe travels tomorrow!!

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  9. Such a lovely day and really fab pictures. Love the pic Andy captured of the gorilla, it's a beautiful creature. Have a blast at Calif Adventure :):):) Oh and yep, I see the sad face!

  10. Love the flowers and the animals. The traffic no so much. Have been in California traffic and yep, way too many lanes!!

  11. Your photos are beautiful.
    What kind of camera are you using?

  12. What fun. The meercats at our zoo do that too. They take turns keeping watch. It is so funny to see them when an airplane goes over. They watch it like it is a bird that is going to get them. lol.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Crafty hugs,


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