Monday, 21 July 2014

Day 18 - That's all Folks !

Hi my friends.  Well, I have a few final photo's to show you of our last day in Las Vegas.  I apologise for not posting over the weekend.

We slept most of Saturday!  It was lovely sleeping in our own beds :-)  Sunday, I caught up on all the laundry and we went to visit some friends for a little celebration.

We celebrated with a bottle of fizz.  To Andy, for knowing that he is coming home at the end of August for good!  For Simon, who qualified for the International Triathlon Competition in Chicago next year - he will be representing Canada along with his team mates.

And finally but by no means least - to a fabulous lady, Tamsyn, who has completed her breast cancer treatment and got to Ring the Bell, whilst we were away - you beat it :-)

It was so nice to catch up with them and thank them for looking after Jess, our cat.  Jess was a little elusive when we got home, but once she realised it was us, she gave us lots of cuddles and purrs.  She has also spent the last couple of days not very far from anyone, I think she is making sure that we do not leave her again :-)

I have a few photo's to share with you - so grab a drink and rest your feet awhile.

Andy decided to go up to the top of the Stratosphere - not something I was prepared to do - to high for me!

Here you can see it in the distance.

Got some wonderful photo's of  the Las Vegas plateau. 

There were these two different rides at the top of the Stratosphere.  Andy did not, I repeat, not go on either of them!

Obviously, there are some very brave people out there!

Looking up, from the bottom.

We walked back through The Venetian hotel, to get to our hotel next door.  This was the canal and gondola, running through the inside.

Just like walking through the centre of Venice!

This lady was standing so still!  And as one of my followers pointed out - where's the face?  This will have to do for today LOL!

Walking across one of the bridges, we took one last photo of the Las Vegas strip.

There you go my friends.  Fabulous last day.  I dosed up on Gravol for the flight home and slept most of the flight, which was great!  Perfect landing too!

So glad to be getting back to normal.  Andy goes back to Winnipeg today, but we are now on countdown to him coming home!

Thank you all for your comments and for following along on our adventure.

I hope to be around to visit you all this week and catch up with what you have been upto!

Craft room, here I come :-)

Happy crafting.


  1. Thanks again for sharing your amazing adventure with us all! :)

    Em x
    Creative Em

  2. Thank you for sharing this wonderful journey with your followers, Karon. Your photos are amazing and I would never have thought there were so many sights and so much to do in Las Vegas. That hotel with the canal going through it is incredible.

    Welcome home and I hope you take a day to just rest and catch your breath.

    Blessing hugs,

  3. Thank you for taking us on vacation too. It was a wonderful experience. lol

  4. Oh my gosh..that ride, even thought it was a photograph, made my stomach flip! NO NO WAY..LOL. Phew...that was something else. The ride down below..ALL the way down on the water, in the that's for me!
    Best virtual trip ever. Congrats to you friends and "salud" to your hubby for coming and STAYING home in Aug. :)
    Lisa x

  5. So glad you are home safely and reunited with Jess!! Awesome pictures!! I would like to try those rides on top of the Stratosphere but I think I would chicken out before actually doing it!! And what, no face pictures?? I guess I'll have to count the statue of the lady as today's face :) I hope you are able to rest and get all caught up from being gone!! Have a great day :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  6. Lovely pictures, Karon. We're glad you are home and headed into the craft room. As lovely as your vacation interlude was, we also enjoy your creations. Seems you have a bit to celebrate- and some time to occupy until Andy's final return.

    Welcome back!

  7. It's been lovely to share your holiday and glad you had a safe trip home xx

  8. Glad your trip was so grand and you are back home safe and sound. So happy for y'all getting your whole family back to normal.
    Loved the photos.

  9. Thanks so much for sharing your wonderful trip. So glad you guys got home safe and sound. The Andy coming home countdown is on!!!
    Crafty hugs,

  10. Ah, Las Vegas - one of my favorite places to visit. Thanks for sharing your trip with all of us. Glad you're all safe back home.

  11. Thank you for sharing your holiday photos I enjoyed it allot. I am so glad to hear that Andy will soon be back home. Anet x

  12. How wonderful, to get home and celebrate with your friends, family and Jess >^..^< Great photo's Karon! I've been on the Stratosphere ride called Big Shot, it was a blast! How about that super speedy elevator that takes you to the top in 30 seconds?! Your vacation was fantastic. Thanks again for sharing.

  13. Fabulous photos! And I'm sure you were glad to be home in your own bed and your cat will probably stick by you for many days. LOL I so enjoyed your vacation posts.

  14. Thanks for sharing these pictures. I'm a little afraid of the ride on top of the building - I'd seriously think you were a touch mad if you went on it!!! xxx


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