Saturday, 5 July 2014

Day 4 - No Bones About It :-)

Hi there everyone.

Was a nice easy day yesterday, as we went off to the Dinosaur Quarry (still in Utah) then from there, just down the road to the Dinosaur National Monument (in Colorado), which whilst driving through we went back into Utah, back to Colorado and then to Utah on the way back to the hotel :-)

Ready, grab you coffee and a seat.

So, first off was the Dinosaur Quarry.  They have an indoor wall of skeletons that were washed down river and settled in the sediment.  The centre is actually built around the rock face and it was lovely and air conditioned :-)

Look out Emily, it's behind you!

Emily's hand in front of Allosaurus talons!  One swipe of these and you would be gutted!

Old dinosaurs - not us LOL!

Also Andy and I walked a short trail - glad it was short as I looked like a raspberry by the end of it. It was so hot!  You don't get to see the picture of the raspberry :-)

And Day 4, still finding faces.  I think they look very Native Indian, on both sides of this rock.  Can you spot them?  Do you think I need to see a psychiatrist yet LOL?!

Then we headed off to the Dinosaur National Monument and wow more breathtaking views.  And hence the title "no bones about it", no bones here just amazing views, the bones were only at the quarry.

We stopped off at several points along the way and some I couldn't even go too near the edge as it was quite windy and I really don't like heights.  But Andy took some amazing photos.

First stop was the very end of the trail road at Harpers Corner.  This was too much for me as the wind was blowing.  But look at this view!

Echo point - shout out !

Looking from Iron Springs Bench, look how far you can see!

Pretty flowers, can grow - even in this heat.

The look out point from Escalante and last photo for today.  Visibility here was 67 miles (109km), which was poor. Apparently on a good day it can be 163 miles (263km)!

We ended our day back at Vernal and went to watch the fireworks for the July 4th celebrations.  Wonderful end to a great day.

Tally of miles 202 yesterday, so not far :-)  Total stands at 1264 miles at the end of  Day 4.

Today we are just travelling to our next destination and state.  Off to Driggs, Idaho.  A six hour drive, but we will have several stops on the way.  

Tomorrow we will be off to visit Yellowstone National Park.  Hey maybe we will see Yogi Bear and Boo-Boo. "Lets, go-go-go!"

Thanks for stopping by everyone and your great comments.


  1. Fabulous! Really enjoying your photos. Glad you are having such a good time.

  2. Gorgeous photos!! It looks like you are having such a great time!! Enjoy Yellowstone!! It's fabulous!! Ad I do see the faces in the rocks!! Looking forward to the next post!!

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  3. Those dinosaur bones are amazing and I see the faces in the big rock too, so I don't think you are crazy. Actually, I think one of the "Fairy Towers" looks like Miss Piggy of the Muppets.

  4. More gorgeous pictures Karon! Looks like you guys are having a blast and this is only day 4! Thanks for sharing all these pictures!

  5. Hi, Karon... Happy Saturday!
    Your vacation is loaded with such beautiful scenery and awesome dino's, too!
    Thanks for taking us along ☆☆☆

  6. Glad you guys found some AC. Thanks for sharing the great pics. I'm having fun tagging along.
    Crafty hugs,

  7. Ooooh! I envy the heat. Summer's a bummer here!

  8. Living in Texas where it takes all day to drive across the state, I forget that one can travel back and forth through several states on a trip. LOL. Enjoying the photos and your adventures!


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