Sunday, 6 July 2014

Day 5 - I-Da-Ho where we are going ?

Excuse the title - hubby came up with this one as in "I don't know where we're going" LOL!  Thank goodness for GPS, really can't picture us doing this trip the old fashioned way, with paper maps!

Today's journey, albeit 6 hours long, went really well.  Amazing scenery as always.  I am totally blown away by all the stone - thinking these were pushed up through the earth millions of years ago.

Look!  Look!  A change of type of scenery.  Finally the greenery returns and we have trees and water. In the distance you can see The Flaming Gorge Reservoir.

Here it is close up, stopping for a stretch of the legs :-)

So, each day so far I have managed to find a face in some part of the scenery.  Can you spot this one?

Now this one might be a little harder to see and maybe it's just me LOL!  But I can see a wolfish face, or a lions face and mane, or it could even be ALF (you know Alien Life Form), hint - look in the right third of the picture (clicking on any of the pictures should enlarge them).  Now, I really think I might need those men in white coats Mwah ha ha ha ha! (insert evil laugh)

We stopped for lunch and changed over drivers - my turn for a while.  Andy slept, Emily slept and Shannon slept.  So no photo's of family today, unless you want to see Emily snoring in the back seat :-)

One more change back to Andy for the remainder of the journey, and we went up oneside of Teton Pass and down the other with an incline of 10% !  I am glad Andy drove this bit as it would have scared me to death.  Here is the view from one of the look out points.

Also managed to get some great photo's of The Rocky Mountains.  See still snow there!  Most of these photo's, by the way, are actually through the window of the car, except for the one above.

Finally arrived in Driggs, Idaho at around 5.30 pm and as soon as the room was sorted the girls went to the swimming pool.  Will be off out for some supper shortly and then an early night I think.

Off to Yellowstone tomorrow.

Tally of miles 318 (512km) yesterday, phew.  Total stands at 1582 miles (2546km) end of Day 5.

Hmm, we have 13 days to go, wonder what it will be at the end?  Answers in an email to


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  1. More great snaps Karon, love the view of the reservoir, and snow!!

  2. I've been following your journey since day 1 Karon. Wow you and your family are so lucky to venture a beautiful trip. By the time you get back home you will have lots and lots of pictures to make your layouts for that big humongous album of the trip. Enjoy your keep safe!

  3. wow what a great holiday you are having love this scenery xxxx

  4. Loving the photos. Glad you're enjoying this trip of a lifetime.

  5. More gorgeous pictures!! Such amazing scenery!! And I see the faces in the rocks, too!! Enjoy Yellowstone!! :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  6. Thanks for sharing the pics.
    Crafty hugs,

  7. Simply gorgeous , Karon! Keep 'em coming!

  8. The pictures are beautiful!! TFS..I wish I was there...
    Have a wonderful day my friend,
    *Crafting With Creative M*

  9. Stunning photos! What an amazing journey you and your family are enjoying! Stay safe and keep sharing these wonderful photos (I love all the fun faces)!

  10. More stunning pix! I saw the face without needing the hint. Yay me, LOL. Thanks for sharing :)

    Em x
    Creative Em

  11. Ha, ha. Tell hubby I love the title! Fabulous photos of some beautiful scenery!

  12. So beautiful and I love your hubby's cleaver title, too!!!


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