Friday, 4 July 2014

Day 3 - G'day Bryce :-)

Hi everyone.

I would like to wish all my American friends out there a very Happy 4th of July, hope you have fun celebrations.

Just in case you were wondering about the title, it is a play on the words from Finding Nemo where one of the sharks is Australian and was for ever saying "G'day Bruce" :-)

Clicking on the photos should also enlarge them a little, if you wish :-)

Anywhos, yesterday, was our visit to Bryce Canyon and it was another fabulous day.  And although the Grand Canyon was breathtaking, we really loved Bryce Canyon just because of the amazing colours and stratum, forms and amazing colour.

Pull up a chair and stay awhile, won't you :-)

Once again the journey there was also filled with amazing scenery, what a wonderful drive.  This was the edge of the Zion National Park.

The start of the Red Canyon.

Approach to Bryce Canyon - those towers, which you will see a lot of, are called a hoodoo (also called fairy chimney, earth pyramids or tent rock). I think I like fairy chimney :-)

At the start of the Bryce Canyon view points.


It's hard to believe that these rock formations were formed by tidal waters !!!

A very rare photo of the hubs and I :-)

Yesterday a sad face to spot, today can you spot the smiley face below.

Amazing colour.

This was called the Natural bridge, but is actually formed by the weather.  It will eventually collapse and that is how a fairy chimney is born :-)

Saying cheese for the camera, a female pronghorn deer.

Look out at Bryce Point - I wouldn't go to the edge for this one, Andy did :-)

Andy went on a trek down this path.  Not for me, too steep!

From down below.

Andy was convinced this squirrel was stuffed as it didn't move.  Probably scared and he looks rather fat, so wasn't going to budge :-)

The journey to Vernal, Utah, a couple of photos.  As you can see the sun is going.

Love the architecture of Hunter Power Station, near Orangeville, Utah.

We had a long drive to Vernal and arrived at the hotel at around 11pm :-)

Today we are off to Dinosaur National Park, only a short drive away.  The back here in Vernal to celebrate the 4th July and see the fireworks.

Tally of miles 440 yesterday, total stands at 1062 miles at end of Day 3 :-)

Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Fabulous Karon...keep 'em coming!! xx

  2. What gorgeous pictures!! I love Bryce Canyon, too!! The picture of your and your hubby is beautiful!! Looking forward to following along with Day 4!! Safe travels :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  3. Thank you for taking the time to share these gorgeous photos of your vacation. You got some marvelous shots. Maybe the squirrel and deer are out sight-seeing too. :)

  4. Wow.... The scenery is just stunning and the animals are apparently people watchers ;) Love the pic of you & your hubby with that fantastic backdrop.


  5. Awesome and thanks for taking me on your journey it's wonderful....and yes over here it's 'g'day mate'
    and cheers...xx
    The Journey is the Start

  6. Looks like you guys are having a blast. Fabulous pics. I really love all the family ones and that one of the squirrel is adorable.

    Hugs Nana
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    ♥ Nana's Rag Quilts ♥
    ♥ 2 Creative Chicks ♥
    ♥ Silhouette Challenges ♥

  7. LOVE your pics! Isn't Bryce Canyon gorgeous? When we went there I was struck by the beautiful colors and rock formations. We've done the walk a few times and each time it is breathtaking. Thanks for sharing.
    Crafty hugs,

  8. Fabulous shots, Karon!

  9. Fabulous photos! So glad you are having a good time and looks like good weather too!


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